Week of August 7th

I’m always a bit taken aback at how happy I am to see students when they come back. This past Thursday at the open house had the pleasure of meeting some new students we will be welcoming into our orchestra, but I also saw students from years before who came back to say hello. Brandon Butler (class of ’16) stopped by to say hello. Jayla Johnson (class of ’17) came by to let me know she was about to move to Athens for her first semester at UGA! Very exciting stuff. We have some quite exciting things happening this year as well… The orchestra room (along with the band and choir room) has been completely renovated. And, although they are still not completely done the new space looks wonderful!


Everyone make sure you’re ready to jump back in right away. We will have no time to waste. Our fall masterworks concert has some very challenging (and very exciting music).

Here’s the rehearsal order for the first week:


Concert Orchestra

  • Mon – None
  • Tue – Tchaikovsky Top – 7
  • Wed – Tchaikovsky 8 – 14
  • Thu – Silva: Main Melody (wherever it occurs)
  • Fri – Review of all passages of the week.


Chamber Orchestra

  • Mon – None
  • Tue – Rossini Top – 25
  • Wed – Rossini 26 – 34
  • Thu – Rossini 34 – 45
  • Fri – Review of all passages
See you Monday!
- McDaniel